Olympus Coasts

Olympus Coasts

Pieria is the Greek Riviera. Spreads calm under the imposing Olympus and the green Pieria, as the blue waters of the Aegean.

It's the land of myths, of gods and muses. It is abundant land, a blessed place with a rich cultural past. With excess charm and grace. With magnificent nature and historical heritage.

The history of Hellenism is discovered in ancient city findings (Dion, Livithra, Piblia, Pydna, Methoni, Makrygialos) and other monuments.

In Pieria, senses come alive by the magic of the landscape and the integrity of nature. Mountain and sea, green and blue, myth and reality are in admirable harmony.

Most of us know Pieria and Olympus from the Greek mythology. Others have heard about Olympus from the narratives of visitors. But as much as seductive the myth may be, true Pieria is even more beautiful.
Few places combine endless coastline with gold sand and clear sea, mountains, history and natural beauty, excellent tourist organization, affordable prices and all these on excellent transport infrastructure, making traveling case really easy.

Few places combine within 70 km of coastline so many different types of holiday, from quiet family vacations to weekends for restless characters.

Few places can combine the most varied forms of entertainment and cultural life, like Pieria does, because of its geographical diversity, its historical depth and above all friendliness, diligence and consistency of its people.

There are many reasons that make the coasts of Pieria unbeatable. The length of the coasts, the rich golden sand, the color of the sea, the unprecedented combination of coast and mountains, the changing landscape, the easy road and rail access, facilities for small boats, calm rotation and secular life, the variety of flora and fauna, the hotel infrastructure, the variety in cuisine and entertainment, the range of sports activities, rich cultural and ecological interests, operation of the regulated market and the range of settlements that surround the coast.

Exotic beaches with golden sand, and secluded coves, cosmic tension and entertainment. The mythical Olympus, Pieria’s nine Muses, Dion, Pydna, Platamonas’ Castle. The village of Old Panteleimon and ski in Elatochori. Holidays for every season. Pieria is the destination for every desire.

On Coast Olympus, the golden sandy beach is an irresistible attraction. With comfortable and safe access someone can travel through a long coastline surrounded by woods and pine groves.

Along that coastline we can find great tourist businesses, hotels, bungalows, camping, rooms to let and furnished apartments with amenities that meet all the requirements. The magic of clean sea and the branded blue flags enable visitors to enjoy the intensity of water sports and games (swimming, parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, sailing, diving, paragliding) or relax with a cold drink in the shade of a thatched umbrella. Marine tours attract visitors who are looking for more. They can choose between cruises or daily excursions from the ports of Platamona.