Old Panteleimon St. of Pieria

Old Panteleimon St. of Pieria

Traditional Settlement of Panteleimon St., proclaimed since 1978 as one of five preservable traditional settlements in our country, due to the architectural beauty of stone houses, which make the village aesthetically unique.

Built at 700 meters above Thermaikos on the outskirts of Olympus in Pieria, has stunning panoramic view of the sea and the coast of South Pieria as the Venetian Castle of Platamonas.

The history of the village is very old and according to some archaeological and historical data the Settlement of Panteleimon St. was founded approximately in 14th century.  

Today, the village which has been renovated almost completely attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors.

Panteleimon St. lies just 3 km from the National Road Athens Thessaloniki and 6 km. from Platamonas’ sea. We can find there many taverns, restaurants and guest houses. In the village square and under the shade of ancient plane trees, lies the old Church of Panteleimon Saint, patron of the village, which can be visited by excursionists.

The region however, beyond the taverns and the beautiful view available, is ideal for magnificent walks in nature, amidst lush forests of chestnut and beech.

With the accompaniment of skilled guide someone can observe rare species of birds and discover the wonderful plants and herbs of the Greek flora